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Castle of Dracula by DF DESIGNS FREEWARE

Screenshot: View Screenshot
Castle of Dracula by DF DESIGNS FREEWARE

Description: FREEWARE. Listen to scary sound as you watch this haunted house with all the spiders, bats, candles, graves and thingies. You will shiver and be happy to sit safely home. Enjoy this Dracula FREEWARE as you watch scary creatures. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF DESIGNS be sure to check my other FREEWARE stuff.

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Castle of Halloween by DF DESIGNS

Screenshot: View Screenshot
Castle of Halloween by DF DESIGNS

Description: FREEWARE. This is the House of Halloween. Look at all the Ghost and scary appearances. Smoke, candles, raven, mouse, spider, sceleton, black cat, werewolf and many more. Listen to the Scary Music and Enjoy the Shiver on your skin. Enjoy DF DESIGNS. CHECK OUT MY OLDER GREAT FREEWARE SCREENSAVER Ecstasy Halloween.

Church of Halloween

Screenshot: View Screenshot
Church of Halloween

Description: Church full of ghosts and skeletons making a special spooky and scary Halloween Party. Great ghost organ pipe music and lot of action going on. Matching Wallpaper available. Enjoy DF


Screenshot: View Screenshot

Description: This is a scary animated screensaver, scary sound included.Get the Chuuuttt desktop theme on this site.

Classic Horror Movies Screensaver

Screenshot: View Screenshot
Classic Horror Movies Screensaver

Description: A salute to classic horror movies!

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Screenshot: View Screenshot
Creature From The Black Lagoon

Description: Lurking in the dark waters of the Amazon River is a creature from a time long past. Dozens of great pics and the theme music from this classic 1954 creature feature. Matching desktop theme, Messenger skin and Winamp skin also. And so the creature lived, unchanged for thousands of years in his underworld domain of the Black Lagoon.

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