Shrek Screensaver

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Shrek Screensavers

Shrek2 SS > Instant Download
Shrek2 SS ScreenshotBased on the movie. 43 pictures and sound from the trailer

Shrek 2 > Instant Download
Shrek 2 ScreenshotShrek returns with all his friends and his new wife to meet the in-laws with hilarious results. Theme available separately.

Shrek One And Two > Instant Download
Shrek One And Two Screenshot This is a great screen saver for everyone who loved both Shrek movies, there are 15 pictures combined together from both Shrek Movies. Plus 4 different sounds for you to enjoy. Enjoy Darlene

Shrek 2 SS > Instant Download
Shrek 2 SS ScreenshotThis screensaver has a lake effect. It has a matching Active Theme and a matching Active Wallpaper by the same name, available for download. Edited and created by me.

Shrek > Instant Download
Shrek ScreenshotEddie Murphy as the Donkey and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona in the comedy land inhabited by characters from various fairy tales. Shrek is a big ol ugly ogre but will he fall for the princess Free for Windows 95-XP 800 X 600 screen sizes!

Shrek3 02 SS > Instant Download
Shrek3 02 SS Screenshotbased on the movie

Shrek > Instant Download
Shrek ScreenshotShrek, the ogre, is on a quest with Donkey to rescue Princess Fiona so that he can get his swamp back. Dozens of photos from the movie. Get the desktop theme and messenger skin also. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shrek Screensaver > Instant Download
Shrek Screensaver ScreenshotThis is a screensaver on the movie Shrek. It contains 35 images and two full songs namely, All Star and Im a Believer. Also download my Shrek by Ajay Desktop Theme from my site.

Shreky > Instant Download
Shreky Screenshot4 Shrek heads are expanding and bumping into each other as they move all over the computer screen. TRANSPARENT screensaver with mutable music. Hope ya like it!

Shrek screensaver > Instant Download
Shrek screensaver Screenshotvarious pictures from the movie shrek, and 3 songs from the soundtrack

Shrek 2 Desktop > Instant Download
Shrek 2 Desktop ScreenshotSee Shrek himself on your desktop. Floating Shrek 2 avatars accent this screensaver. Its transparent background allows this screensaver to be used with any theme.

Shrek2 Screen Saver > Instant Download
Shrek2 Screen Saver ScreenshotA screen saver from the movie Shrek2. Over 50 high quality, high resolution pictures. All pictures can be set as desktop wallpapers. FREEWARE

Shrek3 01 SS > Instant Download
Shrek3 01 SS Screenshotbased on the movie

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