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No matter what type of screensavers you're looking for, you'll find it here, among our comprehensive free screensaver and desktop themes listings. If you're weary of the lame, boring default screensavers that came with your computer, then try one of the many dazzling free screensavers and backgrounds we offer here. Click Here to bookmark our site in Internet Explorer or press Ctrl+D in Chrome!

New Screensavers for 2015-08-02

The Promise 2 SS

This screensaver has a float effect. It has a matching Active Theme, Active Wallpaper, and Stationery available. Edited and created by me for the theme.

Underwater Puffer Fish

Bubbles bubbling, puffer fish puffing and swimming side to side both directions across the computer screen. Transparent screensaver with mutable music. Hope ya like it!

sailing the sea

an ocean liner travels the seas. sea gulls pass by and some sharks seem to be roaming about. a nice saver for daydreaming. midi is very relaxed and peaceful for your cruise.

Bouncing Christmas Ornaments

Colorful christmas ornaments are bouncing up and down. Shown on a transparent background....Hope ya like it! Has mutable sound.

Lord of the Rings SSMOD

Transparent saver of the various items from Lord of the rings, floating to the music featuring the beautiful voice of Enya...singing The Council of Elrond. MistODark

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