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No matter what type of screensavers you're looking for, you'll find it here, among our comprehensive free screensaver and desktop themes listings. If you're weary of the lame, boring default screensavers that came with your computer, then try one of the many dazzling free screensavers and backgrounds we offer here. Click Here to bookmark our site in Internet Explorer or press Ctrl+D in Chrome!

New Screensavers for 2014-04-23

World of Water by DF DESIGNS

FREEWARE. Look at this amazing slideshow. 7 different, animated Wallpapers of either Waterfalls, fountains or rivers. 2 different Songs by Tommy Dorsey or,and Frank Sinatra goe along. A view on your screen you will not forget. Very relaxing and outstanding. The Screen changes every Minute. You’ll look at it over and over again. Matching Freeware Wallpaper Collection of the used 7 Wallpapers under the same name available as well. Enjoy DF DESIGNS

365 Hubble Telescope Screen Saver

This screen saver includes over forty INCREDIBLY DETAILED IMAGES of spinning galaxies, colorful nebulae, supernova remnants, solar system planets, and other amazing celestial bodies. Take your mind to the heavens every time your computer is idle!

Metal Ribbons

Metal Ribbons is a good example of the beauty of physics. It is a representation of the lines between positively and negatively charged particles.

Daisys Christmas Tree SS

This screensaver has a snow effect. It has a matching Active Theme and a matching Active Wallpaper by the same name, available for download. Edited and created by me.

Night of Scare by DF DESIGNS

FREEWARE. Look at this awesome animated scary castle with beautiful, enchanted cat, burning Halloween, owl, witches, vampire and many more. Have a look and shiver. Great Sound Witches Witches Witches. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween. Matching Wallpaper and Incredimail with animated head of witch available.

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